Fab Five Pages Masterclass

How to use goals, roadblocks, and voice so that your first chapter isn’t the only chapter an agent reads

We’ll take the mystery out of writing a killer opening so that you can hook your readers from Page 1


You’ll have the chance to workshop your opening so that you are flying solo no more


What Do I Know About Opening Pages?

  • 16 agents requested my manuscript after seeing only the first page
  • After I discovered my Fab Five Pages Formula and applied it to my first chapter, my query requests rate shot up to 45%
  • I beat out 1800 writers to get into a major writing contest and landed my agent a few months later

What’s the Fab Five Pages Masterclass?

A 90 minute masterclass where we will:

  • Give you a how-to blueprint for each aspect of the Fab Five Formula so you know exactly what to do (and what not to do!)
  • Dissect how the world’s best writers are using the same formula to create wildly different openings so that you can use this formula to write a highly original opening no matter what your genre or style
  • Workshop a few lucky participants’ openings live so that you can see exactly how to take a good opening and make it unforgettable


  • Written feedback on your first five pages so that you know exactly how to tackle them when you revise

Quick Buy Bonuses:

  • The first five people to sign up for the masterclass can choose to have their first page workshopped live during the masterclass (it can be anonymous if you are shy!)
  • The first 10 people to sign up will get feedback on their first 10 pages (if your first page is workshopped live, you will also get written feedback on your first 10 pages)

Imagine if you knew exactly how to fix the problems in your opening and had the tools to tackle them right away.

That’s what the Fab Five Pages Masterclass is all about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from the free webinar?

The free webinar explains what the Fab Five Formula is: Goals + Roadblocks + Voice = Hooked. The paid masterclass explains how to actually use that formula in your own work, and you will get written feedback on how to improve.

When is the masterclass?

Registration for the next masterclass is opening soon! Get on the VIP list to be the first to find out the next date.

Do I have to attend live?

No, everyone will have lifetime access. If you are one of the first 5 people to sign up, you can still have your first page workshopped live and you can watch the workshopping later. However, everyone who attends live will have the chance to ask questions live, which is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

My story doesn't really get going until Page 8. Will feedback on the first 5 pages help me?

If your story doesn’t get going right away, most people won’t read to Page 8. You need this masterclass to get your story started right away!

Join the VIP List!

Be the first to know when registration opens for the next Fab Five Pages Masterclass.

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